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Michael M. Ahmadshahi Intellectual Property Law

Ahmadshahi & Associates is one of the leading edge high technology law firms in the United States. The firm specializes in intellectual property law in high technology fields as well as business and corporate law. We provide services in all areas of intellectual property law and business law to corporate clients here in the United States and around the world. The firm's international practice is supported by several lawyers and patent attorneys who originate from Europe, Canada, and Australia. Our mission is to provide high quality legal representation to public and private companies at various stages of growth from start-up to Fortune 500. The firm has been retained by engineering companies with annual sales of over 500 million dollars.

Ahmadshahi & Associates specializes in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition. Client consultation, licensing, preparation and procurement of patents and trademarks, copyright applications, appeals, oppositions and cancellations and intellectual property litigation before federal and state courts, are all components of the firm's practice. The firm is reputed for its vast technical expertise in high technology fields including pharmaceutical, genetics, molecular biology, electrical, optical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, opto-electronic, circuits, computers, software, Internet, semiconductor, telecommunications and nanotechnology.

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Patent Attorney

In order to make money from your original idea for a product or process, you need to protect that idea by obtaining a patent. At Ahmadshahi & Associates, we will help you secure a patent to protect your original invention, help you license your product, and litigate against those who infringe against your product. To prosecute a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you need the help of an experienced patent attorney who fully understands your idea and can file a complete application. You took the necessary time and care to present your invention as unique and non-obvious during the patent application process, and you secured your legal right to develop, market, sell, and profit from your invention through a patent.
What do you do if a competitor starts selling a similar product or copies your idea? What rights do you have if an individual or company is profiting from your hard work? At the Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm, our lawyers have extensive experience in helping inventors protect their rights through aggressive and effective patent litigation. We have unique knowledge of the electrical, optical, mechanical, software, biotechnology, life science, and other highly technical fields that allow us to identify with our clients and clearly understand their products. Our patent attorneys possess the skillful writing abilities that can convince a court to rule in your favor.

Your trademark or service mark is unique to your business - or it should be. If you have a properly registered trademark or service mark, you will have the protection you need to prevent others from infringing on your mark. Talk to an attorney at the Ahmadshahi & Associates trademark law firm about protecting your intellectual property. Do you have a word, name, symbol or device that you want to use to distinguish your products from others? If you do, then you want to register a trademark or servicemark. Many trademark and servicemark applications are initially rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or abandoned by the applicant. You want an experienced attorney to prepare and follow through with your trademark registration. At the law firm of Ahmadshahi & Associates, we can prepare and file your trademark. The success of your invention and business is closely linked to the success and visibility of your trademark - your unique logo, name, symbol, or combination of these that sets your product and company apart from others. Your trademark rights must be enforced to protect the effectiveness of your name in the marketplace: Our trademark litigation attorneys can help. At our law firm, we handle trademark infringement litigation for small businesses and startup companies in addition to highly visible Fortune 500 companies. We aggressively assert our clients' trademark rights against infringers throughout the United States and the world.

California Intellectual Property Law Firm


A copyright is intended to do just what its name suggests: give the author or artist the right to restrict the copy of the original work. If you have created an original work through writing, music, drawings, pictures, or some other means, you have a copyright on that material. Establishing a copyright is automatic. However, registering your copyright with the Copyright Office has some advantages. Registration adds proof of copyright ownership and aids you in fighting copyright infringement. If someone else infringes on your copyright, you need to talk to a copyright lawyer at the Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm.


A copyright is intended to do just what its name suggests: give the author or artist the right to restrict the copy of the original work. If another has copied your original writing, drawing, music, film, painting, software, online content, or other work, our law firm can help you register your copyright and file a copyright infringement lawsuit. Establishing a copyright is automatic. However, registering your copyright with the Copyright Office has some advantages. Registration adds proof of copyright ownership and aids you in fighting copyright infringement. Copyright lawyers at the Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm become involved in copyright issues when you want to register a copyright or when another party copies a client's work. Since a copyright is granted automatically with the creation of an original work, many artists and designers do not initially register their creations. If an individual or company has used your creative property without your permission, our copyright litigation attorneys can help you enforce your copyright rights and protect your creative work.

California Intellectual Property Law Firm

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Ahmadshahi & Associates also provides high quality legal services in all aspects of business and corporate law. The firm specializes in both the transactional and litigation aspects of business law. We can serve all of your business' legal needs. We provide services such as forming your business, including partnerships, LLCs, corporations, franchises, or other business entities, creating and reviewing contracts, and determining whether there has been a breach of contract, helping you negotiate agreements between businesses or individuals, litigating when agreements and negotiations break down, and remedying partnership disputes, either with negotiations or litigation.

If you have a business idea, or want to get the legal and tax protections that businesses have, the attorneys at Ahmadshahi & Associates can help you. Has your business been sued or threatened with litigation? Is another business not fulfilling its obligations to you? At the Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm, we have the experience to aggressively protect your business needs, whether it be employment, intellectual property, officer/shareholder liability, or contract disputes. At the heart of almost every business agreement is a contract. These contracts can be filled with jargon unfamiliar to most people not in the legal field. Don't agree to a contract you don't understand. The Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm can create and review contracts for your business needs. While business owners may have great relationships in the beginning, sometimes disputes arise that cannot be remedied by the partners themselves. Let an experienced attorney at the Ahmadshahi & Associates law firm look for solutions to your partnership disputes.