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In order to make money from your original idea for a product or process, you need to protect that idea by obtaining a patent. At Ahmadshahi law offices with expert attorneys, we will help you secure a patent to protect your original invention, help you license your product, and litigate against those who infringe against your product.

To help your idea succeed, you need to make sure your idea is secured, protected, and cannot be copied.

We can help you prosecute a patent application with the USPTO. We can help you differentiate your idea and fight any patent denial. Our law offices is known for an ability to distinguish our clients' ideas from existing patents.

Do you have one patent or are there several patents within your idea? Our patent trademark lawyers can work with you to determine all the original ideas present within your invention.

Our lawyers can also help you file for patent protection in other parts of the world by working through associated counsel in Europe, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Should someone infringe on your patent in any way, our IP and patent litigation attorneys will aggressively and thoroughly protect your intellectual property rights in court.

You took the necessary time and care to present your invention as unique and non-obvious during the patent application process, and you secured your legal right to develop, market, sell, and profit from your invention through a patent. What do you do if a competitor starts selling a similar product or copies your idea?

What rights do you have if an individual or company is profiting from your hard work?

At the Ahmadshahi law offices in United State; our patent trademark attorneys have extensive experience in helping inventors protect their rights through aggressive and effective patent litigation.

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